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Vehicle Windshield Options

Modern vehicles commonly have technological features in their windshields that are designed to assist you in certain driving situations. Some auto glass shops lack the ability to properly handle these types of features when replacing windshields. The professionals at Clayton's Glass not only know how to work around these sophisticated systems, but also urge our customers to learn how to identify these features in their own vehicles.

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Rain sensor for car windshield
Rain Sensor


Windshield Calibration

Windshield sensor
A properly calibrated camera after a windshield installation is critical to the safety of you, the driver, as well as everyone else on the road.

Unlike most other auto glass shops, Clayton's Glass can replace your windshield AND recalibrate your vehicle's windshield sensors.

With the advancement of automobile technology, many auto glass repair shops find it difficult to stay up-to-speed with the ever changing market. Whenever a windshield is replaced in a modern vehicle, the owner usually must return to a dealership to have the windshield's advanced safety features recalibrated.

Why Choose Clayton's Glass To Replace Your Windshield?

  • After we replace your windshield we recalibrate your sensors to ensure precise, camera-ready accuracy.
  • We restore your windshield and sensors to OEM specifications.
  • Our products include multi-layered windshield technology and UV ray coating.
  • Our high-performance windshields give you unmatched value and comfort.

Complex windshield installations are no problem for the auto glass experts at Clayton's Glass. Contact us today to get a free quote or schedule service.



Acoustic Inter-Layer

The Acoustic Inter-Layer is an extra layer of lamination said to reduce road noise and improve the cabin sound quality. Your windshield will have a stamp that says something about Sound or Acoustic.

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Lane departure warning systems will alert you if you are drifting out of your lane using visual, vibration or audio warnings.

Rain Sensor

Rain sensors detect rain and may automatically turn on your wipers or speed them up and slow them down.

Right-Side Steering Wheels

Right-Hand Drive vehicles have steering wheels on the right hand side of the vehicle.

Dealer Logos

Dealer logos will be located anywhere on the windshield and will be visibly large. This is an optional feature.

Humidity Sensor

Humidity Sensors detect humidity and can automatically turn on your defroster vents. It looks like a small box with vents and is usually located our the inner rear view mirror area. It looks like a box with vents.

Forward Collision Sensor

Forward collision sensors can send warnings or alerts of an impending collision with a slower moving or stationary car in front of you.

Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) may gently steer your vehicle back into your lane if you begin to drift out of it.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control not only maintains your set speed, but your following distance as well; provides some limited braking.

High-beam Assist

Recognizes oncoming vehicles at night, switching headlights between main and dipped beam automatically.

Electrochromic Mirror

This is a rear-view mirror that automatically dims when it senses bright headlights. The mirror glass has a greenish tint. The easiest way to tell if you have this feature is to look for a toggle button on the bottom of the mirror. If you have this toggle button, you do not have an electrochromic mirror.

Leather Seats

Usually indicates a heated wiper park area.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Glass

OEM is made with the same specifications as dealer glass.
For example: OEM Ford windows are the same color, durability, thickness, size, and shape as the original windshields installed from the Ford manufacturer. Windows labeled "OEM" are virtually identical to dealer glass but each are from a different manufacturer. OEM glass will save you money over Dealer glass and offer the same safety and specs needed to maintain your car's structural integrity.

Heated Wiper Park Area

A windshield contains heater grids across the lower part of the glass where the wipers rest. Usually visible as a brown or grey lines running horizontally at the base of the windshield. (Vehicle may also have a leather seat package)


Heads up display. Some of your vehicle's key instrumentation is flashed up onto the bottom of the windshield.