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Know Your Rights


A growing epidemic in the auto glass industry is the ever-increasing number of auto glass harvesters. An auto glass harvester is a person or company that assumes the identity of a more prominent glass shop in their area, such as Clayton's Glass, in an attempt to steal jobs. By pretending to be an installer of a prominent glass company, this harvester hopes the customer will assume their work is under warranty and that the harvester actually knows what they are doing; which is not the case in most situations. Almost every harvester that has surfaced knows nothing about replacing or repairing auto glass and produces work that reflects this. When the customer calls the actual shop the harvester claimed to be, complaining about the low-quality repair or replacement, the shop has no record whatsoever about the faulty service and can only refer the customer to scheduling.

You could be their next victim!

Learn more about auto glass harvesters with the following link:


Don't get steered into the wrong direction


Know Your Rights in Auto Glass Replacement

It is your right in the state of Texas to choose the shop that performs your auto glass replacement or windshield repair. Many insurance companies employ less than honest tactics to try and steer work to a particular shop. In almost every case, this shop is either owned by the insurance company or has negotiated unreasonably low prices for their service at the expense of quality.

Your insurance company uses common scare tactics to drive you to a shop they select with phrases such as:

  1. "The shop you selected is not an approved auto glass replacement shop."
  2. "You will be responsible for the invoice balance if you go with this company."
  3. "The work from this shop is not guaranteed."

THESE STATEMENTS ARE FALSE AND INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING. Clayton's Glass guarantees all glass work for as long as you own your vehicle. The Clayton's Glass installers are all certified in auto glass replacement safety and undergo an annual refresher course in the use of all materials used in a safe auto glass replacement. Furthermore, we are approved by all major insurance companies and can handle most of the paperwork for you.


Know Your Rights