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Custom Molded Glass Countertops

Create a style of contemporary sophistication in your kitchen, bathroom, or home office with the addition of a beautiful glass countertop from Clayton's Glass. Made from eco-friendly materials, these low maintenance custom glass countertops reflect an abundance of light while providing unmatched hygienic qualities and durability. Achieve a remarkable blend of function and art through the variety of thicknesses, colors, and textures available. For a distinctive look that is sure to impress, choose the eye-catching translucent beauty of a custom glass countertop.

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Glass Countertop Properties

Custom glass countertops are the latest trend to hit the market. Along with sophistication, style, and versatility, your glass countertop offers incredible properties that outperform the competition. Let Clayton's Glass design your custom countertop which include these unique components:

  • Nonporous surface for ultimate hygiene - completely eliminate germs and dirt with quick and easy cleaning
  • Variety of embedded textures molded into the glass to ensure your glass countertop looks great for decades - an option not offered in any other countertop material
  • Thicknesses from 3/4 to 1-1/2 inches guarantee your glass countertop is not going to chip or crack due to daily use
  • Limitless variety of shapes and colors to match, accentuate, or maximize your existing work space
  • Panels up to 7' by 10' to limit joints
  • Material that is easily adhered to your cabinets or surface with clear silicone
  • Clear substrate that readily accepts a variety of colors and even LED lights


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A Word on Safety

Glass countertops from Clayton's Glass, although practically indestructible, are made of tempered safety glass to prevent shattering if the glass does unfortunately break. The finished and polished edges of the countertops are just as smooth as the surface; however, some of the texture may pass to the edge for an extra aesthetic appeal.

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