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Auto Glass Tint

Add a sleek look to your car with auto glass tint from Clayton's Glass. Auto glass tint does more than just look good. Auto glass tint blocks UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sun fading on your vehicle's upholstery and limits the amount of solar heat gain, keeping your vehicle's interior cool. The same UV blocking properties also serve to reduce glare. Windows treated with tint also add a level of security by limiting the view through the window, essentially "hiding" the contents of your vehicle from prying eyes.


Tint Your Ride at Clayton's Glass


Five Reasons to Tint Your Ride

  • Reduce Heat Gain - Auto glass tint limits the amount of solar heat to keep your vehicle's interior cool.
  • Appearance - Auto tint adds a sleek look to any vehicle.
  • Reduce Glare - Auto glass tint cuts down on surface glare.
  • Reduce Upholstery Fading - A reduced amount of solar rays helps to keep your upholstery looking like new longer.
  • Health Risks - Auto glass tint blocks up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays which can cause health problems.

Auto Glass Tint Repair and Replacement

Auto glass tint is a durable material but it will not last forever. Normal wear and tear, scratching, and slits in the film only get worse with time. Eventually, the tint will need to be removed or replaced. When it comes time to replace the tint in your vehicle, call Clayton's Glass at (806) 373-2000 for a quality replacement. Our extensive inventory of auto glass tint makes it easy to find a match for your new tint. We will do our best to repair the damage but in almost every case, damaged auto glass tint will need to be replaced.

Solar FX Window Films

Clayton's Glass recognizes quality which is why we use and recommend Solar FX Window Films. We carry their entire selection of automotive window films in order to give our customers to find the best option suited for their tinting needs:

  • Classic Series
  • Vintage Series
  • CarbonFX Series
  • Prime Series
  • UltraFX Series
  • HybridFX Series
  • FXtreme2 Series
  • RejectorFX Series

Learn what sets Solar FX Window Films apart from the competition by clicking HERE

Solar FX Window Films


Auto Glass Tint Options

For years, auto glass tint has been associated with the grey semi-transparent film over windows, but your options for auto glass tint have exploded over the last decade. Auto glass tint is now available in almost any color and ranges in transparency from perfectly clear to completely opaque. Since the tint installation tools have improved as well, Clayton's Glass can install tint on your windshield and all of your vehicle's other windows and get you back on the road in a very short time.


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