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Auto Glass Safety

Safety in Windshield Replacement

Have you noticed how much more glass today's cars use than those of 20 years ago? Automotive engineers are increasing the use of glass in the design and structure of new vehicles. In fact, the windshield in a car may account for as much as 27% of its structural integrity and can help prevent the roof from collapsing during a rollover.

Additionally, your car's factory-installed glass is part of its crash management system and is designed to be used as a "backboard" to properly deploy the passenger side airbag. We all hope we will never need our windshields to perform these safety functions; however, the risks are real.

As a family owned and operated glass business, we are able to ensure uniform training for all our installers. This can prove difficult for national chains as a mandate or certification requirement set at corporate may take weeks or months before they are adhered to or even received. In fact, the only certification Safelite Auto Glass installers have is a certification created by Safelite!


Windshield Replacement Safety


Know Your Rights in Windshield Replacement

It is your right in the state of Texas to choose the auto glass shop that performs your windshield replacement or repair. Many insurance companies employ less than honest tactics to try and steer work to a particular shop. In almost every case, this shop is either owned by the insurance company or has negotiated unreasonably low prices for their service at the expense of quality.

Your insurance company uses common scare tactics to drive you to a shop they select with phrases such as:

  1. "The shop you selected is not an approved windshield replacement shop."
  2. "You will be responsible for the invoice balance if you go with this company."
  3. "The work from this shop is not guaranteed."

THESE STATEMENTS ARE FALSE AND INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING. Clayton's Glass guarantees all glass work for as long as you own your vehicle. The Clayton's Glass installers are all certified in windshield replacement safety and undergo an annual refresher course in the use of all materials used in a safe windshield replacement. Furthermore, we are approved by all major insurance companies and can handle most of the paperwork for you.

Certified for Your Safety

The windshield installers at Clayton's Glass are safety certified by Sika, a brand of Dow who makes windshield urethanes, to ensure each installer has a complete understanding of the urethane's intended uses and limitations. This certification is renewed annually or after a new Sika product hits the market to keep or installers informed and ready to use the latest advancements in windshield replacement materials.

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