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Auto Glass Replacement Service

Auto glass replacement service from Clayton's Glass covers all your auto glass needs no matter what vehicle you drive. We stock all of the most popular windshield, door glass, back window and redi-cut mirror replacements for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We also keep a number of large windshields in stock for buses, heavy equipment, RVs, and utility trucks. When your glass breaks, call the name trusted throughout the Texas panhandle, call Clayton's Glass at (806) 373-2000.

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Insurance Claims

Clayton's Glass is accepted by all major insurance companies and can handle most of the paperwork for you. Our staff will work directly with your insurance agent to resolve your claim quickly and get you back on the road fast. Plus, our lifetime auto glass replacement warranty covers any trouble you may have with your new windshield or other auto glass due to materials or workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.

Auto Glass Service You Can Count On

At Clayton's Glass we do everything we can to make your experience with us simple and hassle free.

  • Free mobile auto glass replacement service in Amarillo
  • We handle your insurance paperwork
  • Safety certified installers
  • Amarillo's most trusted name in glass since 1953

Your windshield and the other glass in your automobile does more than keep out the wind and rain. Auto glass protects you and your family from flying debris and functions as a safety device in the event of an accident. During an accident the windshield keeps the passengers in the vehicle and provides stability for the roof during a rollover. A windshield that is not installed correctly could fail at the most critical point. For this reason, each of the auto glass installers at Clayton's Glass are trained and certified in the proper use of all materials and tools required for professional auto glass replacement.

Our technicians have also been trained to diagnose corrosion issues as they relate to the installation of your windshield. In order for the windshield adhesive to bond properly in the opening, it needs a smooth, clean metal surface to adhere to. Any rust or corrosion around the opening must be treated or removed to guarantee a proper bond. If these issues are overlooked your new windshield could slide around in the opening causing stress cracks, rattles or whistling due to openings between the glass and adhesive; or it could even fall out completely!


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Get to Know Your Windshield


Your windshield gets its strength from several layers of laminated glass bonded together. These glass layers allow the windshield to absorb impacts without severe damage. Large impacts from rocks or other debris may leave a chip or crack, but close inspection of the damage will reveal that only the outer layers of glass have been damaged; your windshield has done its job. Damage of this type does not ruin your windshield, but it is unsightly. This is where windshield repair resin comes in.

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